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January 26, 2018

Social Media in Lawsuits

woman on phone - social media in lawsuits is dangerous - don't do it

Today, everyone is on social media. It is a part of our lives every single day. Attorneys and insurance companies also use social media in lawsuits.

Everything you say on social media can and will be used against you. Posting about an injury will be used by the insurance company and the person who injured you in the course of litigation. Even something that you believe is meaningless, if it relates to your injury, the accident or your recovery, will become a part of the lawsuit. It will always become part of the case in a negative way, or at a minimum, create arguments for the defendant related to the accident, your injuries and/or your recovery. This is especially true with a public profile, but can also be true for private profiles.

You should never discuss your accident with anyone other than your attorney. You should never discuss your recovery with anyone other than your medical professionals and your attorneys. With that, you should never post something on social media that relates to your accident, your injuries, or your recovery.

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