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Civil Rights Litigation

Other Practice Areas

If you need the best civil litigation lawyer, Pleban & Associates litigates a variety of civil matters. Over the years, we have been called to litigate cases involving false arrest, excessive force, wrongful conviction, contract disputes, consumer rights and insurance claims, to name a few. Across this wide variety of civil litigation, our aggressive strategies have helped individuals and families obtain decades of results. Our experience, preparation, attention to detail, and collaboration makes a difference.

False Arrest

Even if you believe you are being falsely arrested you should not resist. It leads to more issues. Improper arrests can be addressed after the fact. Pleban & Associates has helped individuals falsely arrested get justice.

Excessive Force

Excessive force claims occur when law enforcement officers injure individuals. These cases look at the degree of force used weighed against the amount of force necessary. If you think excessive force has been used against you or someone you love, we can help.

Wrongful Conviction

Pleban & Associates has successfully overturned wrongful convictions. DNA advancements can help to exonerate those wrongfully convicted ((ADD LINK)). Wrongful convictions can involve both criminal and civil claims. A criminal case gets the wrongfully convicted out of prison. A civil case attempts to financially compensate the wrongfully convicted for all he/she endured.

Schools, Bullying, Hazing and Harassment

Pleban & Associates has represented students facing bullying, hazing and/or harassment. These cases require careful analysis of a viable claim a different approach. In today’s landscape, bullying can take all forms including on social media. Our firm has given national presentations on these issues. We have worked to eliminate bullying, hazing and harassment in schools. Often, in these types of cases, recovery involves both monetary and non-monetary components.

Case Results: Millions Recovered


St. Charles County jury delivers $75 million verdict to the family of a man killed by a DWI suspect evading police.


Driving home, our client was hit by a truck, resulting in a serious brain injury. He and his family will be taken care of for life.


Verdict followed by a multimillion dollar confidential employment discrimination settlement.

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