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About Pleban & Associates Law Firm

Pleban & Associates trial lawyers bring decades of experience to each case. We provide results to clients by focusing on preparation and attention to detail. We know that your case is your most important case and we will treat it that way. Our team of lawyers collaborates on cases, which means dedication from the entire firm. We take an aggressive approach to get our clients results. The firm is not afraid to pursue individual’s rights against insurance companies, large corporations, government entities, or politicians. We routinely handle difficult cases that other firms won’t take. Whether you have a typical case or unusual one, we fight for you the same. These attributes set us apart and have been recognized nationally by both the news media and our opponents.


Our decades of trial and appellate experience gives Pleban & Associates a real competitive advantage. Understanding how each action in a lawsuit will impact a trial is critical. This begins before the lawsuit is even filed. From the moment a new client hires Pleban & Associates, our work begins to achieve the best result.

Preparation and Attention to Detail

Preparation is a must for every aspect of any case from routine automobile accidents to complex litigation against large corporations or the government. Small details can make the difference between success and failure. The combination of preparation and attention to details has led to decades of results for our clients and to include millions of dollars recovered.


The size of Pleban & Associates allows our lawyers to collaborate on all of our cases. Our clients get the benefit of multiple lawyers strategizing to get the best result. This means multiple people driving all steps of the litigation. It means multiple people highlighting the strengths of our client’s case and the weakness in the opponent’s case.

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