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June 19, 2023

St. Louis County Firefighter gets $1M Settlement Following a Severe Injury

The Community Fire Protection District in St. Louis County has reached a $1 million settlement agreement with Cindy Schuenke, a firefighter who was fired following a severe injury sustained in the line of duty. Schuenke was gravely injured, including significant injuries to her hands, while attempting to save a 76-year-old from a burning house in Vinita Terrace in 2006. Unable to perform her duties as a firefighter, she was terminated three years later.

Schuenke’s attorney, J.C. Pleban, argued that the union contract at the time promised to pay firefighters injured on the job until they could return to work. The two sides released a joint statement indicating that they have reached an amicable and voluntary agreement and are satisfied with the terms. Schuenke expressed relief at the conclusion of the lengthy legal battle.

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