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Personal Injury Lawyer + Wrongful Death Claims

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An injury can be life changing. The death of a loved one is devastating for other family members. Making these matters worse is the senseless cause of the injury or death. The people or companies that cause the injuries or death more often than not carry insurance. The last thing you or your family want to or should deal with are insurance adjusters. You should not talk to an insurance company without consulting a lawyer. Let Pleban & Petruska help you as your personal injury lawyer or with your wrongful death claim. Our firm helps individuals with all aspects of these claims from insurance adjusters through trial. Our aggressive strategies have helped individuals and families obtain decades of results.

Personal Injury Case Results

Pleban & Petruska has recovered millions of dollars through verdicts and settlements for clients. The firm regularly handles cases involving serious injuries and wrongful death. Our aggressive litigation strategies have driven decades of results for our clients.

Personal Injury Law Services Include:

Car and Truck Accidents

Car and truck accidents occur daily and out of nowhere. If you are hit by a driver that carries insurance, you will likely be contacted by an adjuster within days. Talking to that adjuster can negatively impact your claim. You should talk to an attorney first.

Underinsured and Uninsured Coverage

An individual hit by a driver that does not carry insurance is eligible for uninsured coverage from his/her own insurance carrier. If you are hit by a driver that did not have enough insurance coverage to cover your damages you might be eligible for underinsured coverage from your carrier. Insurance companies are required to provide uninsured motorist coverage. You should make sure you have under-insured motorist coverage before you hit the road.

Motorcycle Accidents

These accidents often occur because a motor vehicle is not looking for motorcycles. Cars and trucks must share the rode with motorcycles. If you’ve been injured by the driver of a vehicle, we can help.

Product Liability

People are often injured by products or machines. These injuries can be caused by manufacturer defects or the failure to warn about dangerous conditions. Many individuals are injured at home or at work while using products or machines. Pleban & Petruska can help you navigate these often complicated cases.

Slip and Fall

Slip and falls typically occur at a business or in a parking lot. These injuries can be caused by a defective condition on the property (e.g. potholes, cracks, etc), snow, ice and/or slippery substances. A trip and fall on a public sidewalk or street requires sending out notification within 90 days in order to bring a claim. If you were injured as a result of a trip or slip and fall, give us a call as soon as possible.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice results in death or injury due to a healthcare provider’s negligence. This negligence, at times, can be difficult to see without a careful review of the facts and records.

Nursing Home Abuse, Neglect and Malpractice

Nursing homes are given a significant amount of trust when caring for one’s family and loved ones. Unfortunately, that trust is often broken resulting in injury to a loved one. Abuse and neglect should never result in injury to someone you love. If it does, give us a call.

Vaccine Injuries

Vaccine injuries occur because of either the vaccine or the negligent administration of it. Placing the needle too high on an individual’s arm can have drastic consequences to include the potential need for surgery. Most people don’t realize that a flu shot given a couple of inches too high can cause one to later need shoulder surgery. These are called SIRVA (Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration) injuries and happen more often than the public realizes. You can also experience different injuries, such as Guillan-Barre Syndrome due to a bad batch of a drug. Both SIRVA and bad batch drug injuries are pursued through the US Federal Court of Claims.

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