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December 6, 2017

Driving in the Winter – Avoiding Car Accidents

avoiding winter car accidents on snowy road while driving

With winter upon us, it is important to be safe when driving. Car accidents are more likely to occur when the weather is bad. Drivers must drive cautiously. Even though there might be a posted speed limit, inclement weather should cause all drivers to slow down. Drivers who cause an accident can be driving too fast for the conditions even when driving below the speed limit.

If you are in an accident, call the police. If you feel hurt, get the appropriate medical attention right away. An ambulance can take you to the hospital.

An adjuster will likely call you very soon after the accident. The adjuster will want to take a “recorded statement.” The insurance company will try to use this against you. We advise our clients not to make a statement to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting with an attorney.

At Pleban & Associates, we help individuals who are injured after being hit by another car. We are also truck accident attorneys. We help those hit and injured by a commercial truck. Call, email, or schedule a consultation if we can be of service — 314.645.6666.

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